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Recent Sightings

This page is dedicated to recent sightings on my travels and sightings close to home. Living in the majestic Grampians offers plenty of opportunity to study the animals and plants as we move through the seasons.

Late March to late June - In the Grampians it is the season of Honey Bees "Gwangal Moronn"

May 2015

Neil heard an Owlet Nightjar calling in the garden of our home during the day.

Pair of Gang Gang Cockatoos come to our pond to drink every afternoon.

South Australian birders visiting the area asked Neil if there were any sightings of Powerful Owls locally. He sent them to Halls Gap where they located a pair of Powerful Owls, one with a Tawny Frogmouth in its talons.

April 2015

On the Mt William Creek walk hosted by three local Landcare groups Neil had a wonderful day with participants especially the local children who asked lots of questions about the bird and other wildlife.

In late April Barking Owls were reported from the Lake Lonsdale area with photos taken by a local resident.

Late January to late March - Grampians season of eels "Kooyang"

Late June to late July - In the Grampians we have morning frost, mists and cold winds makes winter the coldest time of the year. Winter Season of Cockatoos "Chinnup"

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