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Recent Sightings

This page is dedicated to recent sightings on my travels and sightings close to home. Living in the majestic Grampians offers plenty of opportunity to study the animals and plants as we move through the seasons.

"Kooyang" - Season of eels. (late January to late March)

This beautiful "Comocrus behri" Mistletoe Day Moth is easily seen at the moment on the flowering mistletoe. This one was photographed in the Black Range near Stawell.

This lovely "Varanus gouldii" Gould's Sand Monitor (Goanna) was also photographed in the Black Range.

Painted Button-quail also photographed in the Black Range.

"Gwangal Moronn" - In the Grampians it is the season of Honey Bees (late March to late June)

"Chinnup" - Winter Season of Cockatoos. Morning frost, mists and cold winds makes winter the coldest time of the year. (late June to late July)

"Larenuk" - Season of nesting birds and changeable weather. Early spring weather and is usually the wettest time of year with rivers running high. Its a time of dramatic weather changes. (late July to August)

"Petyan" - Season of wildlife and wildflowers. Late spring the bush bursts into life as the days are warmer. The weather can still be tempestuous. (August and November)

"Ballambar" - Season of butterflies, warm weather and wetland plants. With the onset of summer heat the land dries and the weather stabilises. (November until late January)

A beautiful Painted Honeyeater and a delightful Diamond Firetail.

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