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Birding Tours

Neil Macumber after many years working for tour companies has now decided to start his own company along with his partner Alison Bainbridge.   Birdswing Birding & Wildlife Tours is based in the majestic Grampians specialising in bird and wildlife tours. Alison and Neil are both experienced travellers.  Neil has visited all the known important birding areas in Australia and the not so well known.

The Birdswing Birding & Wildlife Tours aims to provide serious birders with a service that will ensure their time in Australia is productive, educational and enjoyable.  Birdswing also aims to encourage those with a budding interest in bird watching to have a positive wondrous experience that will inspire them to continue is this fascinating past time.

Survey Work
Neil is also able to provide a professional survey service encompassing birds, mammals and vegetation.

Full quality Bird and Wildlife photo's are available for purchase from Birdswing Birding and Wildlife Tours, contact birdswing@bigpond.com
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