Bird the Grampians and Surrounds

One and half day tours of the Grampians region - Tour GR1 & GR3

Tour cost: One Day Tour $160pp (GR1) Half Day Tour $100 (GR3) - minimum 4 passengers. If less than 4 passengers please contact Neil for price

Number of Passengers: 4-8

Includes: pick up/drop off from Grampians accommodation, morning tea and lunch

Accommodation: Additional to cost of tour.  BBWT has arranged special rates available upon request.

The majestic Grampians one of Victoria’s outstanding natural wonders.  Early colonial explorer Major Sir Thomas Livingston Mitchell described them in his journals as “A noble range of mountains rising in the south to astupendous height and presenting as bold and picturesque an outline as a painter ever imagined”.

Laid down between 400 and 500 million years ago, the Grampians originally a seabed, consist of up thrust sandstone brought about by movement of lava under the earth’s surface. Upheavals and movement of the earth’s surface have formed the steep cliffs on one side and the gentle slopes on the other that we see today. With over 900 native plant species (20+ are endemic) there is always something in flower. The area is rich in fauna, with over 210 species of birds, 11 amphibians, 28 different reptiles, 6 freshwater fish and 35 mammal species. Making this area well worth a visit as lots of different wildlife can be observed within the many different habitats that occur close to Halls Gap, the main village of the Grampians.

Accommodation can be arranged on these tours or you make your own arrangements and join us for the tour.

One Day Tour -GR1

On this tour we will visit a number of habitats in the Grampians region and also a local wetland. Morning tea and lunch provided.

Half Day Tour – GR3

On the half a day we explore bushland including a wonderful wetland. Morning/Afternoon tea provided.

Potential less common birds

Black Kite      Black Falcon Peregrine Falcon
Grey Goshawk Square Tailed Kite    Rose Robin
Freckled Duck Chestnut Breasted Shelduck Blue-billed Duck
Australian Shoveler Pink-eared Duck      Southern Emu-wren
Little Lorikeet            Gang Gang  Rainbow Bee-eater
Red-capped Robin Hooded Robin Speckled Warbler
Painted Button-quail Brown Quail Spotted-quail Thrush
Australian Crake      Buff-banded Rail Red-kneed Dotterel           
Peaceful Dove Brush Bronzewing Forest Raven
Painted Honeyeater           Blue-faced Honeyeater Black Honeyeater
Zebra Finch Diamond Firetail Southern Whiteface
White-throated Nightjar Owlet Nightjar           
Masked Owl Powerful Owl             

Potential wildlife

Eastern Grey Kangaroo Western Grey Kangaroo    Black Wallaby
Red Necked Wallaby Sugar Glider  Common Brush Tailed Possum
Red Deer (introduced)       Common Ring Tailed Possum Lace Monitor Lizard
Common Bearded  Dragon Central Bearded Dragon Shingle Back Lizard
Little Whip Snake Cunningham’s Skink Eastern Snake Neck Turtle

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